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This is more of a revamp of a previous post I wrote.  While I laid out most of the reasons I believe the fandom is great, I never really went into specifics.  It was just about my introduction to the fandom with one reason why I liked it.  Hardly a way to describe how I love the fandom.  So here’re my top 5 reasons I believe the furry fandom is great.


5. It easily overlaps with other fandoms. 

'Cause with all the various animal combinations, having Kamen Rider OOO animalized was an inevitable choice...


Really this is quite self explanatory and I caught some flack for it when I wrote my post on fandom overlap.  Mostly because people didn’t see it as something that needed to be pointed out or didn’t care.  It’s really something that I personally care for though.  Everyone else is free to disagree if they wish, and I would actually love to know why other people disagree.  But that easy overlap is something that is fun for me.  I predominantly go to anime cons and my cosplay plans mainly consist of furry characters such as Pokemon or Digimon, or perhaps something more elaborate like some of the mechs from Super Sentai (well…considering some of them are animals and would be made in a similar manner to a fursuit it could be considered “furry” to a very…very…minuscule degree).  I’m often confused as to why other people don’t see the overlap/similarities, especially with the rampant amounts of cat and fox girls at anime cons, but that’s not for me to judge.  I just like that it’s there.


4. The Community


The fandom is nothing but a community of people who come together over a similar interest.  And like with any community, it’s nice to know that there are people out there who are like you, like what you like, or can accept you for who you are.  It’s just human nature to want to belong to some sort of group.  Even the “loners” and anti-conformists out there belong to some group or another.  But what I like about the furry fandom isn’t just the whole idea of belonging.  It’s the camaraderie that exists…the support that people have for others.  Doesn’t matter if you’re an artist, musician, fursuiter, or just an art appreciator.  When someone’s in trouble, that’s when the fandom really shows it’s true colors.  Sure…you’re always going to have those few people who have no intention of helping others and they can be quite vocal about it.  And that’s fine.  But the majority really do their best to promote new artists, advertise who needs help, and actually give to those who need help.


3. The Ability to Make Fun of Ourselves


This is a big one.  Because let’s face it…furs tend to be the butt of a lot of jokes or a lot of hate.  You’ve even got the Landover Baptist Church out there claiming that furries are “a new fetish” and that “God hates us”.  Everyone who tells us that we’re sick, disgusting or to “yiff in hell” probably thinks they’re being clever or witty when in fact they’re saying the same thing that people have said to furries hundreds of times over.  It’s actually really annoying at this point.  But most furries take it in stride.  Not only do they just ignore them but they tell those jokes amongst themselves.  Furries make clothing designs with the term “furfag” can tell each other to “yiff in hell” and honestly…by this point it really doesn’t matter to people what you say.  Most furries walk into the fandom well aware of the stigma surrounding it and they join it regardless.  Why?  Because if they’re already drawing anthropomorphic animals and or/making or wearing fursuits chances are they’ve already been compared to furries.  There’s no point in segregating yourself from the group because you dislike what’s bad about it.  Every group has a downside and we’re all aware of it.  But we find that the good outweighs the bad.  If worse comes to worse, just laugh at the insults.  They don’t make sense anyways.


2. The Art


This one’s a no brainer.  If you’re in the fandom, most likely you’re in it for the art.  It’s impossible to not be considering art is a huge part of the fandom.  Not just drawings but sculpture, music, writing, artisan crafts, costuming, and more.  As difficult as it can be to find those hidden gems, once you find them you’ll be amazed at the talent and skill people have.  If you make art of any kind, you’ll find some sort of audience.  But really this just leads up to my number one point which is…


1. The Creativity and Originality


When I’m speaking about “originality” I’m not saying every character is the best, most original thing out there.  But when I speak of originality, I’m saying we’re trying our best to be original.  And we’re trying out best to be creative.  The furry fandom isn’t one that’s base off of our favorite characters from childhood.  That’s not to say that Disney’s Robin Hood, The Lion King, or any other childhood tales involving animals don’t impress or influence us.  But the heart of the fandom is the characters that each person creates and the creativity each person has to offer.  You don’t have to be a stand out artist or professional artist to be a name in the fandom.  People can just really like your costume or your character.  Or you can be a musician, writer, comedian…there’s a number of things that furries have to offer.  Fandoms like anime, sci-fi, and comics exist to pay homage to already existing characters.  That’s fine too.  But there’s something special about being recognized for your own work and your own character.


So that’s my reasons I love the fandom.  Now I want to hear from you guys.  If you’re a furry, why are you a member of the fandom?  The art?  The costumes?  The friends you’ve made?  Why is this fandom fun or special for you?

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