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Okay, so I’m going to try something a little different and review a few anime songs.  Well maybe a few, maybe a lot…depends on how well it goes.  Personally I find the music key in a series.  Especially the opening and ending songs.  I’m a little more forgiving with background and insert music, though insert songs are rather important as well.  Opening songs are especially important because they set the tone for the series you’re about to watch.  Does the music match the mood of the show?  Do the lyrics reflect anything that have to do with the series?  Admittedly it’s a little difficult to judge anime songs based on that due to the fact that most of them are in Japanese, but for the majority of songs, you can find English translations for them.  But for this first song up, it isn’t that difficult to judge it because the entire song is in English.  Poor English, but it’s still completely in English.  So without further ado a review of the 4th opening for Bleach, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight by the Beat Crusaders.

Let me preface this by saying 1) I really like the Beat Crusaders and really wish I could see them perform in person.  However the band has broken up and that isn’t likely to happen unless they do some sort of reunion tour and 2) I really like this song.  It’s one of my favorite openings for Bleach.  That being said that doesn’t mean that I can’t be critical of the music because there is quite a bit to be critical of when it comes to the actual lyrics.  I already wrote up my little discussion on “Engrish” so you can read my rant on that at that link.  This will just be centered around this particular song, it’s connection to the series, the musicality, and the lyrics.

First up, lyrics.  What does any of this song mean?  Really, what does it mean?

Woke up with yawn. It’s dawning, I’m still alive.
Turned on my radio to start up new day
As goddamned DJ’s chattered how to survive
Amazing news got over on the air wave

My basic guess is that this verse is just talking about getting up in the morning and getting the day started.  At least that’s what the opening line suggests.  But…It’s dawning?  What’s dawning?  It’s dawning on you that you’re still alive?  If that’s how the line’s supposed to be taken I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean.  Is the person in the song happy or sad to still be alive?  The basic gist of the song is really gotten with the first half of the first line, the second line, and the third line.  The person woke up, the turned on their radio and heard some amazing news.  And if I have to try to make sense of why he/she’s alive, I’d say that they’re either very grateful for life and are happy to live another day or that they’ve potentially gone through some terrible ordeal and their life has become something that is getting risked everyday so they’re happy to still have it.  Either way I don’t get the feeling that they’re sad that they’re still alive because the last line of the verse is about amazing news that they heard.  So what is that amazing news?

Tonight, love is rationed
Tonight, across the nation
Tonight, love infects worldwide
Almost another day

I think the chorus is the part of the song that makes the most sense.  At first I was sort of confused to what the “love is rationed” line means but when I thought about it a little more it started to make more sense.  Just because something is rationed doesn’t necessarily mean that the resource is limited.  In theory you could also ration out something that is plentiful.  So love is a resource/concept that is being “rationed” out worldwide.  People across the nation are learning to love and live with each other.  The only part that throws this off is the last line.  “Almost another day”.  The rest of the chorus, while confusing, at least made grammatical sense.  It’s about love spreading out around the world and everyone being touched by that feeling.  I feel like adding that “almost another day” at the end makes it seem like the news is something for the future.  Something that hasn’t happened yet, but will happen at some point in the future.

At this point, the song just repeats itself again until it gets to the bridge.  While I can just guess at what most of this song means, the brigde means…nothing.  It means absolutely nothing.

She’s a shooting star, good night, good night
She’s a shooting star, good bye

Admittedly I like this part of the song.  But I like it because it’s different from the rest of the verses.  It feels like this verse doesn’t fit at all with the rest of the song.

The last verse of the song is just the chorus again with a small twist.  There’s an extra little line added on at the end.  One that sort of sounds sweet but somber at the same time…

See you some other day…

Even the music quiets and slows down right before this line which is why I feel it sounds somber.  After all this good news about love spreading around the world at some point in the future, the singer then seems to be saying that they’ll see us then.  They’ll come back to us when that time comes.  It’s bittersweet.

So, is this a good song.  Yes.  Lyrically it’s confusing, but there’s a slight message there that got across.  And the actual music is wonderful.  Is it a good song for Bleach?  Musically, sure.  Lyrically, it doesn’t seem to go with any of the themes of the series.  Aside from maybe the first verse.  Once it starts getting into the talk of love, then it doesn’t fit with the series anymore.

But what do you all think?  Any different interpretations of the song?  Or anyone else think this is a good or bad theme for Bleach?  Why or why not?

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