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Came across the music video on youtube today and I’m not going to lie…I don’t really know why a music video was made for it.  I guess because it’s the two main characters of OOO singing together.  I’m not quite sure.  But sure enough I was happy to watch it.  Ankh singing?  Couldn’t pass that up.


After watching it though, I’m sure this video didn’t need to be made.  The lighting’s constantly moving which makes this video difficult to follow and seizure inducing.  I’m not sure what to think about Ankh’s dancing and…slight introspective moments.  It just didn’t fit with his character.  Now if this song was just supposed to be Shu Watanabe and Ryosuke Miura singing, then sure.  Do whatever you want to.  Act like sexy and introspective, dance…have as much out of character fun as you want to.  But this was supposed to be Eiji and Ankh singing.  Honestly, Eiji never seemed to break character.  It’s really Ankh that seems out of place in this video.  Though I know I’m looking at Ankh, it just doesn’t feel like he’s acting like Ankh except for one point in the middle of the song, but still it’s weird to see Ankh sing.  And due to how out of place he seems, this video just comes across as hilarious to me.  Maybe it’s just me, but check it out and see if you feel the same way.


Regardless, Time Judged All is a great song sung by two great singers.  And I recommend checking out some of the other insert songs such as Power to Tearer (PuToTyra), Sun Goes Up (SaGoZou), and Shout Out (ShaUTa).

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