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From the moment I was introduced to the series by some friends, I’ve been pretty hooked on it and have been consistently keeping up with it.  But still, there’s a few little details that I just can’t help but be curious about.  There’s clearly a lot of important (and non-important) details that just need an explanation of any kind.  But as a little warning, there might be a few spoilers below so read with caution.


Nightmare fuel at it's best, folks...


10. Dr. Maki’s creepy doll. 


I hate this thing with a passion.  But then again, I have a predisposition to hating any sort of creepy inanimate objects, especially dolls.  So his is no exception.  While I understand this is something carried over from his childhood traumas, why does he have this thing?  Why does he carry it around the way that he does?  And why does he go insane whenever it falls off his arm or gets “abused”?  Is this doll an extension of himself?  What would ever happen to him if this doll got lost or broken?  As unimportant as this doll is, I can’t help but to be curious about it.  I hate seeing this thing in the show as it’s creepy beyond all reason, but I just have to know more about this thing.


9. Ankh’s sudden personality change.


Now I hope there’s a good reason for this.  Ankh has been my favorite character since the start of the show and as off-putting as his personality was before, it’s extremely off-putting now.  I understand he’s a Greeed, and as such he’s never going to be satisfied in life.  But at some point he almost seemed to accept his fate.  While he clearly wasn’t happy living with Eiji in a restaurant, he wasn’t completely pissed off about it either.  And he wasn’t beneath asking for help when he needed it (even though it was clear that this isn’t what he preferred).  Of course he was always a self-centered prick.  That was his character.  And I didn’t think it was possible for a person to go from being a self-centered prick to being…even more of a self-centered prick but that’s pretty much what happened to Ankh.  After Eiji rescues him from lost Ankh, the only out of character thing he does at first is acknowledge Eiji’s help.  But not even 2 seconds after, he possesses Shingo’s body again, shows off how powerful he is now, begins picking a fight with Eiji, helps Uva get his body back, and eventually goes to team up with the other Greeed (at least it’s hinted that that’s what he’s going to do).  I’m hoping that this gets explained.  I’d really like to know why he wants to team up with the other Greeed and Dr. Maki.  He seemed so bent on being independent throughout the other episodes so this desire to actually want to team up with the rest of them doesn’t match his character.


8. Hina’s abnormal strength and her purpose.


As it stands now, Hina is just a stereotypical female lead.  She’s there to support the hero and there to support her brother.  That’s it.  So what was with giving her abnormal super strength?  You’d think that if you were going to do that with a character that you’d at least utilize that to some point.  But no.  They don’t.  She lifts up a “vending machine”, opens a door with a few hundred pounds of weights on it, knocks Ankh out of a tree, and lifts heavy stuff at her job.  That’s it.  With her abnormal strength the least she could do is help out more in battle but she doesn’t even do that.  Is the purpose of her abnormal strength just for comedic effect?  Well that’s a waste of a decent ability.


7. Why doesn’t Shingo fight back?


It’s a very valid question.  Why doesn’t he?  It makes sense for a while because he was minutes away from death.  But here it is months later and his body’s been given ample time to recover from it’s injuries due to Ankh possessing him.  You even see him fighting to make himself known when his body wasn’t at full strength.  When the Unicorn Yummy was tearing up her dream of being a fashion designer, he overrode Ankh’s personality and attempted to protect his sister.  So when his body was a full strength, why does he just give up and accept being possessed by Ankh?  I’m sure it isn’t a pleasant experience.  Where Shingo’s very calm and polite, Ankh is cold, unforgiving, and hateful.  So to have this sort of person using his body and speaking in such a rude way to everyone and perhaps physically harming people (including his own sister) cannot be an experience he enjoys.  So how can he just sit back and accept it all?


6. Eiji’s desire or lack thereof.


This topic has been brought up episode after episode.  What does Eiji desire?  Does he have any desires?  Well he clearly does.  It’s nearly impossible to be human and not have desires.  Eiji’s desire has to be to protect the world.  It’s what he’s been attempting to do this entire time anyways.  Not to mention that when we get a glimpse of his desire from the Unicorn Yummy it just ends up being the world.  Literally, just a giant projected image of the Earth that even the Yummy found too large to tear.  While I wish that scene was explored a little more, it wasn’t.  Because in previous episodes we were told that Eiji has no desires.  Well that can’t be true if we were actually shown a projected image of his desire.  Desire seems to be a huge focal point in OOO.  Some believe desire is inherently good but can be twisted.  Others believe that desire is inherently bad but it’s unavoidable.  As for Eiji, he seems to have no desires of his own while displaying that he has desires of his own.  It’s very confusing and I hope that it gets explained at some point in the future.


5. Why can’t Ankh’s form hold up even with 6 core medals?

This show would be more interesting with both of 'em together anyways.


Why does he still need Shingo’s body?  He has 6 of 9 core medals.  While the other Greeeds can hold their bodies together with just 1 medal, the most he can manage is still his arm.  This just doesn’t make sense.  I can understand that he won’t have a complete form.  But why did the cell medals holding up his humanoid form fall apart?  If they rest of the Greeeds can hold themselves together with just a few cores, then he should be able to too.  It goes against the concept that we were taught at the beginning of the series.  The cell medals stick to the cores like a popsicle sticks to it’s stick.  When the cells are taken away from the cores that’s when things fall to pieces.  We’re also shown that Ankh is much more powerful now than he was before and considering the other 3 core medals were destroyed, it kind of means that he’s complete (or as complete as he’ll ever be).  What was the purpose of having him re-possess Shingo’s body?  My guess is so they don’t have to deal with the effect of getting the actor to be in the same scene together but I’m curious to see what other people think.


4. The relationship between Ankh and OOO.


We got a little bit of their back story in a previous episode.  In the conflict 800 years ago the past, OOO got greedy and hungered for more power, thus stealing the cores of all the Greeed and the effect of that turned him in to a stone tomb and also sealed all the Greeed with him..  And unless I was imagining a part of the series that never existed, it seems as though Ankh was the only Greeed in the past that attempted to protect the previous OOO.  Or at the least was on his side for a period of time.  It at least explains why he’s constantly worried about Eiji losing control.  He doesn’t want the past to repeat itself and he doesn’t want to be sealed away again.  But that doesn’t really explain why he teamed up with Eiji and gave him OOO powers to begin with.  As a Greeed he shouldn’t want OOO to be revived.  But he allowed it to happen.  While the other Greeed were working together, he was working together with OOO and he was doing so of his own will.  He can claim that he was using everyone around him, but the simple reality was that he wasn’t and he didn’t have the upper hand in this relationship.  As a floating hand he just isn’t that menacing or that powerful.


Yeah...popsicles...Nope. Not menacing in the least bit.

3. OOO Back Story.


I touched base on this a little bit above.  Previous OOO was a king that became so consumed with power that he tried to absorb all the medals of the Greeed which ended up turning him to stone and sealing all the Greeed for 800 years.  Was it really that power of the core medals that corrupted him or was it his pursuit for more and more power that made him what he was?  They do say that absolute power corrupts absolutely so why was it that the core medals made him go mad?  It seems like he was already on his way for pursuing power anyways.  That was his character.  He was a greedy king.  He created the Greeed in order to use their power for his own bidding.  Why was it shocking to know that his desire for power ended up being his downfall?  And why don’t we know anything else about him?


2. How does Ankh’s hand gain it’s own consciousness?


It’s a pretty valid question if you ask me.  He was a whole being before.  Something happens.  His arm becomes detached from his body and somehow retains all knowledge of who he is, what happened in the past, and why he is the way he is.  Meanwhile the rest of his body is left without memory of who he is.  He just knows that he’s incomplete.  This causes the rest of his body to develop its own consciousness.  How the deuce does that even work?  Separating the arm from the body I can take.  It’s weird but in the beginning that was something that I just got used to.  But then saying that the arm retained the original consciousness that he had 800 years ago and the body developed a brand new consciousness is pushing it a bit far.  I understand that logic isn’t always necessary to make a show interesting or fun, but having a little bit of it helps.


1. How does destroying 3 of Ankh’s core medals get rid of Lost Ankh?


So OOO destroyed 3 of Ankh’s 9 core medals.  Coincidentally they were the 3 that contained the consciousness of Lost Ankh.  So when the 3 cores were destroyed, he destroyed Lost Ankh in the process and we’re left with the original Ankh.  First of all, it’s just amazing coincidence that only 3 medals contained the consciousness of Lost Ankh and it was those 3 that were mystically hit.  But why is it that this action gets rid of Lost Ankh?  And since 6 of the 9 medals (somehow) contained Ankh’s consciousness, why would he have gotten absorbed into Lost Ankh?  It never seemed to me like all the core medals contained their own consciousness.  At times it’s noticeable.  Like when the cores gather around cell medals and reform their bodies.  But usually it’s only one core that does this.  The rest of them don’t seem to react at all.  If all the cores had their own consciousness, why then don’t they just float back to their respective owners or assert their power in battle when they don’t want to work with OOO?  If the cores contain the consciousness of their respective Greeed, that’s fine.  But play the series like this is true.  And if that’s not true, then I guess those 3 destroyed cores mean nothing really.  Except that Ankh can never be whole.  It doesn’t really mean that Lost Ankh is destroyed but perhaps, just subdued or regular Ankh was given a chance to absorb him back into his consciousness.


So that’s my list.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Is there anything in here that you particularly agree or disagree with?  Is there something that I left out that you would personally like to know from the series?  Or anything on this list that you feel should be left out or that you think will be revealed in a future episode?  Please leave a comment.  I’d love to hear from you.

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This is more of a revamp of a previous post I wrote.  While I laid out most of the reasons I believe the fandom is great, I never really went into specifics.  It was just about my introduction to the fandom with one reason why I liked it.  Hardly a way to describe how I love the fandom.  So here’re my top 5 reasons I believe the furry fandom is great.


5. It easily overlaps with other fandoms. 

'Cause with all the various animal combinations, having Kamen Rider OOO animalized was an inevitable choice...


Really this is quite self explanatory and I caught some flack for it when I wrote my post on fandom overlap.  Mostly because people didn’t see it as something that needed to be pointed out or didn’t care.  It’s really something that I personally care for though.  Everyone else is free to disagree if they wish, and I would actually love to know why other people disagree.  But that easy overlap is something that is fun for me.  I predominantly go to anime cons and my cosplay plans mainly consist of furry characters such as Pokemon or Digimon, or perhaps something more elaborate like some of the mechs from Super Sentai (well…considering some of them are animals and would be made in a similar manner to a fursuit it could be considered “furry” to a very…very…minuscule degree).  I’m often confused as to why other people don’t see the overlap/similarities, especially with the rampant amounts of cat and fox girls at anime cons, but that’s not for me to judge.  I just like that it’s there.


4. The Community


The fandom is nothing but a community of people who come together over a similar interest.  And like with any community, it’s nice to know that there are people out there who are like you, like what you like, or can accept you for who you are.  It’s just human nature to want to belong to some sort of group.  Even the “loners” and anti-conformists out there belong to some group or another.  But what I like about the furry fandom isn’t just the whole idea of belonging.  It’s the camaraderie that exists…the support that people have for others.  Doesn’t matter if you’re an artist, musician, fursuiter, or just an art appreciator.  When someone’s in trouble, that’s when the fandom really shows it’s true colors.  Sure…you’re always going to have those few people who have no intention of helping others and they can be quite vocal about it.  And that’s fine.  But the majority really do their best to promote new artists, advertise who needs help, and actually give to those who need help.


3. The Ability to Make Fun of Ourselves


This is a big one.  Because let’s face it…furs tend to be the butt of a lot of jokes or a lot of hate.  You’ve even got the Landover Baptist Church out there claiming that furries are “a new fetish” and that “God hates us”.  Everyone who tells us that we’re sick, disgusting or to “yiff in hell” probably thinks they’re being clever or witty when in fact they’re saying the same thing that people have said to furries hundreds of times over.  It’s actually really annoying at this point.  But most furries take it in stride.  Not only do they just ignore them but they tell those jokes amongst themselves.  Furries make clothing designs with the term “furfag” can tell each other to “yiff in hell” and honestly…by this point it really doesn’t matter to people what you say.  Most furries walk into the fandom well aware of the stigma surrounding it and they join it regardless.  Why?  Because if they’re already drawing anthropomorphic animals and or/making or wearing fursuits chances are they’ve already been compared to furries.  There’s no point in segregating yourself from the group because you dislike what’s bad about it.  Every group has a downside and we’re all aware of it.  But we find that the good outweighs the bad.  If worse comes to worse, just laugh at the insults.  They don’t make sense anyways.


2. The Art


This one’s a no brainer.  If you’re in the fandom, most likely you’re in it for the art.  It’s impossible to not be considering art is a huge part of the fandom.  Not just drawings but sculpture, music, writing, artisan crafts, costuming, and more.  As difficult as it can be to find those hidden gems, once you find them you’ll be amazed at the talent and skill people have.  If you make art of any kind, you’ll find some sort of audience.  But really this just leads up to my number one point which is…


1. The Creativity and Originality


When I’m speaking about “originality” I’m not saying every character is the best, most original thing out there.  But when I speak of originality, I’m saying we’re trying our best to be original.  And we’re trying out best to be creative.  The furry fandom isn’t one that’s base off of our favorite characters from childhood.  That’s not to say that Disney’s Robin Hood, The Lion King, or any other childhood tales involving animals don’t impress or influence us.  But the heart of the fandom is the characters that each person creates and the creativity each person has to offer.  You don’t have to be a stand out artist or professional artist to be a name in the fandom.  People can just really like your costume or your character.  Or you can be a musician, writer, comedian…there’s a number of things that furries have to offer.  Fandoms like anime, sci-fi, and comics exist to pay homage to already existing characters.  That’s fine too.  But there’s something special about being recognized for your own work and your own character.


So that’s my reasons I love the fandom.  Now I want to hear from you guys.  If you’re a furry, why are you a member of the fandom?  The art?  The costumes?  The friends you’ve made?  Why is this fandom fun or special for you?

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