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If there’s any term that is over used in the furry fandom (whether it’s in a serious context or silly one), it’s “fursecution”.  A made up word consisting of “furry” and “persecution” used to describe when members of the furry fandom are being persecuted against by people who aren’t furries.  And I’m using “persecuted against” very lightly.


(Also I’m only speaking to those who use the term “fursecution” seriously.  As a term used to mock others, it’s quite perfect.)


Furries have gotten a bad rap in the media (via CSI mainly) for being a group of socially inept outcasts who are all perverts.  For anyone who isn’t familiar with the furry fandom or doesn’t have friends that are furries, the internet and the television is going to be their only source for find out what a furry is.  And if anyone hasn’t noticed, the media is generally apt to making “strange” groups of people seem even more strange.  It’s happened for gamers, sci-fi fans, comic book fans…furries are no different.  And with the anonymity on the internet, anyone can hate on anyone else without ever having to face this person in real life.  Never mind the furry they might be picking on might be a fantastic musician, beautiful painter…someone as gorgeous as a super model or as strong as an MMA fighter, the internet makes it easy for the weakest person to pick on the strongest person.


Fursecution as a term needs to stop.  The primary reason is because there’s already a term for persecution and it’s persecution.  Adding “fur” to it detracts from the seriousness of the word and gives people more of a reason to mock you.  Also in order to be persecuted against, you must prove that a person has actually persecuted against you.  Denied you a job, fired you, did something to harm your reputation, etc.  Because a person says negative things against a furry does not mean that they’ve actually persecuted you.  Take a step back from the fandom and look at what a non-furry sees.  The most popular art has large breasted, seductive anthropomorphic animals.  Regular anthropomorphic artist (such as Goldenwolf) don’t even want to be associated with the fandom (despite completely catering to the fandom) because they are very aware of the stereotypes.  And even more popular than the seductive anthropomorphic art is the pornography.  Being a PG-PG-13 artist in the fandom is difficult because in order to get your art fully noticed you have to be as talented as Goldenwolf, Dark Natasha, or Screwbald/Blotch (traditional and digital art wise) or an X rated or fetish artist.  A rather large gap don’t you think?


(This isn’t to say other artists aren’t noticed.  But in order to be popular, this is a general observation about skill and talent in the fandom.  The more popular artists tend to be the ones who draw beautifully detailed images or the ones who can quickly crank out lots of cartoony, cute work.)


There are plenty of negative things to say about furries and furries provide the negativity.  I love the fandom for the creativity that exists within it, but many members are childish, rude, and intolerant while hiding beneath a guise of acceptance and tolerance.  Not to mention the paranoia of allowing non-furries explore the furry fandom and the rudeness that surrounds that.  Behind every stereotype that’s an inkling of truth and the truth is that very few things that non-furs say about furries is false.  Unless it’s geared towards everyone who considers themselves a furry.  Broad assumptions are generally incorrect.


Long story short, furries aren’t persecuted against, have never been persecuted against, and will never be persecuted against.  Furry is a fandom.  A group of people brought together by a mutual interest in anthropomorphic animal art.  And you chose to associate yourself with it.  Being a furry should be fun and enjoyable.  And if you aren’t having fun with it or if you’re too self conscious and only think about the negatives of the fandom, then perhaps this isn’t the fandom for you.  When you associate yourself with any group (whether the association is from birth or self-inflicted), you always…always have to take the good with the bad.  But lucky for you, the furry fandom is something you can easily walk away from.  If you don’t want to take the negatives with the positives, you are free to walk away from the fandom.  But if the positives outweigh the negatives, don’t linger on them.  Take the negatives, ignore them, and continue on with your life.

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